Hi Visitor,    

This is a blog about the current work myself,

Sebastian Hamilton, and my colleague Barrington Gohns are

undertaking at the University of Auckland School of

The project is being completed for the part fulfillment
of our Professional Master of Architecture Degrees.
Our project is called 'Other Than Human'.
Please take a look at the project Aim page for an overview of our
project and the development and theory pages for a more in-depth
look at our work. 
We will be updating this blog regularly so check back often.
Please be patient at this early stage as it takes a while to
get our work up on the website.
We are very interested in the possibilities a blog offers for
connecting people that share an interest in our area of research.
So if you feel like helping us out, offering ideas, criticism,
and or support you are more than welcome.
Posting links to websites, academic material, videos etc that you
think would be relevant to our work would be a fantastic help also.
Please leave us a comment on any one of our pages.  
We would like to make it known that the fulfillment of our
Masters degree is only a small part of our aim for this work. 
Our larger goal is to produce architectural works that help towards
influencing the development of a more vibrant future for humanity.
We see this project blog as a starting point. A line in the sand.
A point of departure that will lead to our ultimate goal.
What is that ultimate goal? It is to start a movement.
To create a community of people that share our passion and help to
create positive change in the world. A modern day tribe.
We see this as a means of developing projects that can progress to
form a world changing outcome.
What that outcome is is not completely clear to us at this point in
time. We do know that it will be a life affirming one for ourselves
and others.    
Thanks for looking and please post a comment if your interested in
our work or may be able to help us in any way.  
Barrington and Sebastian.

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